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Odoo Members

Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise Resource Planning supports the central business processes of a company:

  • Customer/supplier/partner management
  • Sales management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manufacturing and disposition
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Purchases Management
  • Document managment
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality management
  • Project managment
  • Communication

In recent years, open source solutions for ERP have become a serious alternative for commercial software. Odoo is the most popular and widely-used system in this domain. It offers a broad range of standard functionality and may easily be extended due to a flexible add-on architecture.

elego offers support for requirements analysis, design, implementation and rollout of an open source-based ERP solution adapted to your needs. Our know how comprises adaptations and extensions, integration of Odoo in existing IT infrastructure, interfaces to external systems and data migration.


Our Services

  • Installation and customization of Odoo
  • Adaptation and extensions of the provided standard functionality (addon coding, layout, reports)
  • IT integration, e. g. LDAP/AD authentification and authorization, DATEV, e-mail, document management systems
  • Data migration from legacy systems and external sources
  • Workshops and user training
  • Integration of community and internal development; automation of test, installation and deployment using continous integration platforms (CI, DevOps)
  • Odoo Hosting for Small Businesses

We'd like to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Odoo in a short presentation.


Software Development for Odoo

  • Agile project setup based on Git, Redmine, Jenkins
  • High degree of automation for continuous integration, regression testing, release engineering and deployment
    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
    • Continuous Deployment with Docker
  • Porting of Odoo add-ons

Application Domains

  • Accounting and finance
  • Purchases Management
  • Sales Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Complex manufacuring and dispositioning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management

System Integration

  • Interfacing with DATEV
  • Production data acquisition, external terminals
  • Scanner support
  • LDAP authentication


We customize the training contents to your organization's needs and deliver the training at your facility.

Odoo for Users: The Basics Odoo Open Source ERP System overview (ODOO-WS1)​
Odoo for Users: Marketing Using Odoo for marketing purposes in your organisation (ODOO-WS2)​
Odoo for Users: Inventory Using Odoo for your company's inventory (ODOO-WS3)​
Odoo for Users: Purchasing Using Odoo for purchasing purposes in your organisation (ODOO-WS4)​
Odoo for Users: Sales Using Odoo for sales purposes in your organisation (ODOO-WS5)​
Odoo for Users: Manufacturing Using Odoo in manufacturing (ODOO-WS6)​
Odoo for Users: Disposition Using Odoo for disposition (ODOO-WS7)​
Odoo for Users: Accounting Using Odoo for accounting in your company (ODOO-WS8)​
Odoo for Users: HR Using Odoo for managing human resources in your organisation (ODOO-WS9)​
Odoo for Users: Reporting

Odoo for Decision Makers: Decision Guidance

Odoo for Decision Makers: Kick-off-Workshop
Using Odoo for data analysis (ODOO-WS10)​

 Is Odoo right for my Organisation? (ODOO-WS11)

Kick-off-Workshop (ODOO-WS12)


Here you can download German articles written by elego, German translations of original articles, presentations held at various conferences and workshops as pdf files.

LinuxTag 2013 Talk: "Continuous Integration, Test, and Deployment of an OpenERP-based Project"

OpenERP has been chosen as the new source base for the ERP implementation of a medium-sized enterprise comprising several independent but collaborating companies. The resulting system is going to replace installations of several commercial applications currently in use during the next two years.

As only about 50-60% of the required features are expected to be provided by OpenERP out-of-thebox, the implementation project has been set up using agile software development. Programming teams of three companies are working together using central infrastructure based on Bazaar, Linux, Apache, Redmine, Jenkins, Vagrant and other open source solutions.

Michael Götz-Schneider discribes in his talk how Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment was implemented in this project setting.

Download Presentation: "Continuous Integration, Test and Deployment of an OpenERP-based Project"